Simpleeā€™s primary customer base is the City of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Simplee also targets municipal agencies, private contractors, home owners, and business owners to provide demolition and removal services to. For the Chicago area only the company secures permits from Cook County as part of their industry agreement. With the long standing work history, good work ethic, great performance and great working relationships, Simplee has been positioned to succeed in the demolition and removal industry.


Industry Analysis

Wrecking, removal, and demolition continue to remain stable despite the economy shifts and adverse conditions that produced a downward spiral for contracted workers in some markets. This stability remains important due to the role the industry plays in the national economy by demolishing buildings for site preparation. 

Simplee anticipates increased operation in the removal, demolition and wrecking industry and will increase operations in specialized services such as recycling materials from the interior and exterior demolition sites worked on as well as continuing in the total and selective demolition market to increase revenue.

Revenue Growth and Forecast

  • The next four to five years the industry revenue is predicted to increase at an average annual rate of 5.1% to $3.8B to 2018. This increase includes the 8.6% increase in 2014.
  • Improved and growing technology will help facilitate an increase in profit margins to 5.3% revenue by 2018.