Our Strengths

Simplee has been in business for three years since October, 2011, the owner Shantelle Lee has worked in the demotion and removal field for 15 years. The company is an independent demolition and removal company. We are knowledgeable of the industry and have a good reputation within the field. Being a minority woman owned business gives us an edge over our competitors. The reoccurring customers are likely to recommend us 3 out of 5 times to their business contacts because of our great job performance and workmanship.

Our pricing also is one of our strengths. Simplee prices according to size of the building and how many loads it is estimated that will come out of the building.

Our Weaknesses

There are two areas that appear as weaknesses but are really drawbacks that can be corrected. The first one is the lack of capital or cash flow that hinders us from working on bigger projects and the second area is being able to be constant in the industry. The second area is related to the first of lack of having a constant cash flow and being a newly formed company. But these can be corrected as we maintain a presence in the industry.


As the market increases for civil projects involving highways, streets, bridges and tunnel construction opportunities will increase for more site clearances, and extensions. Also, more private contractors, business owners, and home owners will look more for smaller companies like Simplee, that are affordable to provide demolition and removal services. Once Simplee cracks the technology market by developing their website and other markets new customers will increase increasing revenue and capital.


If Simplee does not increase their marketing strategy, add newer equipment and personnel to their line-up, the larger companies will dominate the market and push Simplee out.