Organizational Structure

The organizational management and behavior of Simplee is an authority base power structure that is dependent upon the autocratic structure of the owner. Each job within the company is task specific.  

The owner is responsible for obtaining contracts, determining job sites, making the bids for jobs, maintaining the paperwork necessary, securing bonds and licensing needed and more. Frontline contact is usually done by the owner. All licensing, bonding, and contract documents are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the demolition and removal industry.

Company Background

Simplee has been in business for three years since October, 2011, the owner Shantelle Lee has worked in the demotion and removal field for 15 years.  The company is an independent demolition and removal company. The company stated with two employees and
recently additional staff to help expand the growing business.

In the next twelve months the company anticipates to grow by 5-7%. Since Simpleeā€™s establishment there has been a sebstantial growth in revenue over a three year period. The anticipated growth over the next five years will help establish Simplee as one of the most reliable and quality providers in the demolition and removal industry in the area served.

Shantelle Lee is the sole owner of Simplee Removal and Trucking Inc. Ms. Lee as the sole owner is responsible for making bids, determining what jobs will be taken on by the company, drawing up contracts and making any other executive decisions needed relating to the company. Simplee is an authority base power with Ms. Lee executing to the employees what job tasks are to be completed. Ms. Lee currently contracts out when drivers/other personnel are needed for jobs.