01 Business Description

Simplee Removal and Trucking Inc. (known as Simplee) is an interior/exterior demolition company that includes removal of debris from, but not limited to, buildings, junk cars, furniture, and internal debris, for 1 – 5 story residential & commercial buildings.

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02 Mission Statement

Simplee’s mission is to provide the best demolition and removal services to the City of Chicago and its surrounding area promoting a spirit of excellence as a minority woman owned business in a non- traditional environment for women and minorities.

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03 Vision Statement

Simplee’s vision is to be the best company providing demolition and removal services to all of its customers in the Chicago and surrounding area improving and enhancing our environment.

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Our Priorities

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Conflict Resolution

Simplee addresses customer dissatisfaction and conflict in a very professional manner. For instance, if a customer complains of any aspect of the job not being completed correctly Simplee will remediate with the customer, correcting the concern until the customer is 100% satisfied. 



Simplee’s power is based on the policy and procedures in accordance with state and federal laws. These particular laws are relative to the Illinois Business and Profession Codes and Demolition and Removal under the Illinois Civil Codes. Our ethical approach compels us to adhere and apply these rules and regulations to our moral convictions as it relates to demolition and removal practices. We require our drivers and other operators to maintain their CDL and other licenses in accordance with the department regulations. The owner will maintain all of the required tax information, bond and insurance information and all other pertinent documents to maintain relevancy in the industry.

Our Strengths

Simplee is a dependable and reliable company having been in the business for 3 years. We are knowledgeable of the industry and have a good reputation within the field.  Simplee owner Shantelle Lee has worked in the demolition and removal field for 10 years. Being a minority woman owned business gives us an edge over our competitors. The reoccurring customers are likely to recommend us 3 out of 5 times to their business contacts because of our great job performance and workmanship.    Read more